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How do I get started?

Here are the questions we always ask in order to give you a more accurate quote:

1.     Where is the job located?

2.     New construction or remodel? If new construction, is there a driveway?

3.     Do you have stairs?

4.     Do you have rough measurements? Length x width?

5.     Did you include overhang in your measurements?

6.     Do you have pictures and a layout sketch or PDF plan of the countertop?

7.     What rooms are we installing countertops on?

8.     What material or colors do you have in mind?

9.     What edge profile did you have in mind?  Flat polish (free), half bullnose, beveled or chiseled. See below for pictures.

10.        Are you using your existing sink(s) or planning to buy from us or another store?

11.        How many faucet holes?

12.        Do you have a slide in stove or cooktop?

13.        Do you need support bars for your island or bar? 8” or more require support for overhang.

14.        Do you want backsplash? 4" or full height?

15.        Do you want your shower seat, threshold, or pantry in the material you choose?

16.        If a remodel, would you like us to quote the tear out? What is your existing countertop? (Tile, Formica, cultured marble, etc.) Sheet rock is an additional amount. We cannot guarantee saving the sheetrock during tear out.




You can                                all of this info to us and we usually get the quote back to you as soon as we can. 

Click the documents below for care and maintenance info.

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